Victory at Victorias Secret

I recently signed up with an app called Quikly. I have had a lot of fun with this app. I admit I was skeptical. However, I came out with a big win and didn’t realize what I had until I left my local Victoria’s Secret and went to a different one. My local store didn’t honor the coupon. I think they misunderstood about Quikly. They were sending me home with a teeny tiny mist spray. I questioned them nicely and challenged them. I called corporate who told me I could always try another store (I thought I was just getting a small roller ball Perfume and my store was out) My local store sent me out with a mini mist. I went into the other Victoria’s Secret, showed them the coupon and found out I was actually a winner of a 250.00 Victoria’s Secret Bombshell with swarovski crystals!!! I was floored. This perfume came with its own lock box and key! This perfume smells awesome and the bottle is very cool! Thank-You Victoria’s Secret and Quikly.  Just think, had I not nicely challenged the store associate, I would have ended up with a itty bitty sample. Love this win! 🙂


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