Nexxus Dry Shampoo Review

First of all let me start by saying, I have used Nexxus products for years. I was very excited to receive this product complimentary for my honest unbiased review. This review is my own. I absolutely love the fresh scent of this product. It adds volume to lifeless hair. Sometimes life happens and you have to go that one extra day without washing your hair! When my mom was in the hospital and I stayed with her this was a prime example of why I needed this product! Nexxus dry shampoo is weightless and works! I highly recommend this product and will use it again! 


Always Fresh and Always confident

Always radiant, always fresh and always confident! Always trustworthy! Always is a product I know I can trust and have for years! I was given this product complimentary for my honest unbiased review. Always radiant with flex foam is the protection and comfort of a great pad.  #goddessvoxbox

#GoddessVoxBox #Influenster

One of my favorite boxes of all times! Wow! This box is a summer sensation that has you looking, feeling and smelling fresh! I can Always look my best with Kylie’s sinful nail polish! I can smell fresh with downy’s fresh protect! My hair can look fab with the perfection of Pantene! Removing that nail polish  is easy breezy with cutex!  Plus….a little shopping adventure with Ebates! What’s not to love????? Summer Sizzles with this Goddess VoxBox! 


Sleepless nights are not alright! I was at the end of my rope! Finally I received a special little Vox box in the mail from Influenster for free and for testing purposes. When I opened up that pretty little package there was my sleepfilled slumber in a small box! ZzzQuil helped me catch those zzzz’s and gave me a peaceful night’s sleep! My night was great and my day was even better! I felt like I was refreshed! Thank You ZzzQuil. #Zzzquil

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

As a consumer I enjoy giving reviews. I prefer giving Great reviews. However, there are times when we must be honest with ourselves. Things are not made like they use to be. Here is my sound off!

I purchased my Nissan Xterra back in (forgive my memory) 2,004.  My husband and I were dating and he had purchased one too. Oh how cute! Matching xterra’s. How sporty are we? Not!!!!! Really dumb thing to do! Bought this high price warranty. My power window never worked right. Took it in and Nissan said there wasn’t anything wrong. Took it in 2 more times. Same song and dance. I gave up. Window still doesn’t work right. Tired of begging them to fix it. Warranty wasted!   We married about a year later. A few years after that both of our ceiling interiors started sagging. Went to a festival a stranger in an Xterra parked beside us and their ceiling interior was sagging. Lol!! How ironic!!!!  Seats started ripping. My husband’s made some squealing noise and even after having it repaired it would come back. Mine smelled like it was going to catch on fire. Nissan wanted $6,000 to fix a bunch of hoses. (My thought was they wanted me to trade it in) personally, from our personal experiences we had already had enough of what we personally felt was Nissan’s poor quality…..never in a million years am I going through that again!!!! It’s so bad that my cousin bought one and I liked her status at the Nissan place then  Nissan friend requested me! I was like oh heck no! I can’t like you Nissan! Didn’t want to hurt her feelings but oh heck no!

I just traded that scary mess of a Nissan on a Toyota Camry. Oh the joy! I’m really loving this car! That Nissan New wouldn’t hardly pull a hill. This Camry……oh the dream!  This car is comfortable.  This car has power. This car is……amazing! So grateful for a great product.  My son has  Toyota we bought used and it is still going strong! Toyota has me! 🙂

Now, time to sound out about my furniture. This one was a nightmare. Long story short we purchased furniture from Ashley’s Furniture. We bought their high priced fine warranty! Each recliner started ripping underneath.   One recliner we never even used. After looking underneath I could see where two holes on each end were punched and threaded. It just kept ripping. It appeared to be a factory defect to me. I called the company and they had me send in photos then told me time and time again they couldn’t help me. I was so upset. So I just kept on going until they heard me.  They sent some guy up here that was not even a manager. The man argued with me and I stood my ground. They finally agreed to fix it. They mailed  the leather Pieces to my home directly, in a cheap plastic bag.  One of the bags had a huge hole in it. Wasn’t in a box just a cheap bag. However, each piece had the same hole punched place and it was obvious I could prove why it was ripping. I marched myself right in that store with that “leather they said was real” and called them on it. I don’t think they were a big fan of me. I took to Twitter, Facebook and was determined after they dismissed me that they were gonna hear me. Finally, finally, after going into that store they were as ready to get rid of me as I was them!  My son’s friend bought an Ashleys table from an older lady. I told him to be careful I read where a lot of those tables are warping in the middle if people put a glass or Spilled water. He said “oh yea that’s why I am getting it for a 100.00 her table warped!!!! She had sat a vase on the table. Excuse me if I am wrong…but shouldn’t a kitchen table be made to take a glass of water or a vase with flowers without warping?

Ashley’s did make my issue right in the end but it was a battle. I knew as a consumer I was in the right. I was tired of getting bad quality. It was exhausting. Glad after the battle they made it right but I can assure you I won’t be buying any of their products again either. Especially after dealing with the customer service aspect of it. To be quite honest, out of any company, it was the worst customer service I have ever personally dealt with in my life.

Next…. Whirlpool Gold Fridge Another warranty wasted! Purchased this at one of our favorite Home Improvement Stores. (I really do love this store too)

This lovely little pretty jewels ice maker froze up. Tech fixed it with a paper towel. True story! Paper towel still in there!!!  Oh, I’ve been without a light in it for years. I googled. A part in the circuit board burned out. I refuse to buy the part. I find this a defect on the company. I’ve done without a light for years now. I was listening to a radio station and this guy had the same fridge. He had the same issue and finally broke down and replaced the part. Yes, it’s hard without the light. However, I refuse to keep buying products every few years because companies can’t produce something like they use to!

Let’s do one more for the fun of it!

These HE washing machines! Hair pull!!!

I kept getting these greasy spots on my clothes.  Had that handy dandy warranty I paid for again!!! Tech came out. Nothing wrong maam.  Then I politely asked then where are these spots coming from? “Well they are coming from your Olive oil in your pantry.”  No, I replied, I don’t put my clothes over there sir. Well, he said that is where it’s coming from. Nothing wrong mAam. Ughh! So I kept getting techs to come out. Same old song and dance. Nothing wrong mAam! I used all HE detergent. Even measured it out using a teaspoon full. Drained my hot water heater to check that just in case. Checked the hoses. I had no clue where these spots were coming from! They were ruining my shirts, sheets, jackets, everything! Finally, someone we knew was giving an old washer away. I took the nice pretty shiny washer out and threw it in the shed. I put the old not so attractive washer in. 3 months later and still going strong….No spots on my clothes!

My take on this is….HE detergent is slimy and those washers do not put out enough water to get it out of your clothes. That is the only thing I can come up with! I know several folks that own them. I know several folks I have googled with this issue. I know several that don’t have this issue! I have tried everything! I don’t use fabric softener, I have cleaned it out with afresh, I’ve used very little detergent even measuring it out 1 tsp. I’ve ran hot water, bleach, bought stuff from technicians! So that pretty little washer….is sitting all alone in my shed.

I never mean to sound ungrateful.  I’m very grateful for all I have.  Like most consumers we work hard for our things. We are average people.  So when they tear up in 3 years when they are big items it hurts. I wished companies would care more for consumers.  I wish laws would change to fight for consumers rights!

My next furniture may be Lazy Boy (I have heard great things about them)

The fridge? I’m stumped and the washer? I’m very stumped? My stove top is Kenmore and all the elements are out of that too!!!! I have one burner! Oh Geesh!!

We actually thought about purchasing a stove today. However, to be honest, I’m on strike! Bottom line is….I would radther do without then keep purchasing these companies piles of crap!!!!! Looks like me and the crockpot will become great friends. 🙂

Basically, everything I have is falling apart but I refuse to replace this stuff because nothing last!  If I could track my grandmas Harvest gold appliances down….I would take them! I guarantee, they are still working somewhere!

I am to the point of just doing without and making due. Sad when you just have to give up! This brushed nickel is pretty stuff……I guess I can look at it !! Haaa!

Maybe someday these companies will man up and make products Great again!!! Getting Good Products is a great thing.

Bad Products: Warn and Inform: We all have rights to express our experiences As consumers. It’s aggrivating when these companies won’t listen.

To to the companies that don’t listen to their customers: “Get it together”

Repeat customers are a great thing!

Who wants to repurchase products again when what they have already purchased is junk?

Do you think I will buy another Nissan Xterra? No!

Ashley’s Furniture? No!!! NO!!!!! NO!!! (I would sat on the floor!)

Whirlpool Fridge? Hmmm…doubtful

I refuse to purchase warrantys. I have wasted money and nothing gets fixed.

When we purchased the Toyota the guy got aggravated because we didn’t buy the warranty. I said well sir, if this product is all everyone claims it to be….we shouldn’t need one. Besides, no one ever stands behind them like they say! Toyota may be that person to stand behind theirs  (I didn’t buy one to find out.)

To some of the companies still Kickin’ thank you Sony, Honda, Apple, Vizio, Toyota, Kubota, LazyBoy and I know there are many others that do still care! Shout out to Discount tires! Some of the best customer service we have ever had! We have told several of our friends and several of them have purchased tires from there. Honest, reliable, good, down to earth people! As consumers, we are just looking for the same in our products! Quality still matters! So companies….if you fool us once shame on you. If you fool us twice shame on us! This consumer has learned the hard way!

First I ask my 2,000 Facebook friends and I usually get great feedback there.

Then I go to google! Google is good!

You Tube is a real good friend of mine!

Then when I am angry about all the reviews I’ve read on the internet I watch Ellen for a good pick me up laugh! She makes a bad day better. 🙂  Comedy makes sitting here with jacked up appliances a lot less stressful. Haaaa! Yes, I have often thought about just taking hammers to them and throwing them in the front yard! Wouldn’t that be a great escape? 🙂

This is my consumer sound off. These opinions are based on my own opinions and expierences.

Francois et Mimi RiFix Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

I was beyond excited to receive Francois et Mimi Rifix premium Sound wireless bluetooth headphones! I was even more excited when I used the product! Before I knew about this awesome product, I used wired headphones. I jerked them out of my ears so many times. It hurt! Francois et Mimi wireless bluetooth headphones far exceeded my expectations! Easy  to connect to my phone, comfortable, sound was very clear, battery stayed charged.  I mowed, cleaned the house, ran errands, shopped all with these in my ears! I didn’t jerk these out once! The earphones came with different earbuds which is very nice.  I am a huge fan of this product. I would personally love to purchase some of these for gifts!